A well-organized life needs a well-organized closet. Ever get up in the morning and dread finding that right outfit because your closet is so jammed packed with your new outfits hiding behind those tired, outdated clothes? Ever get confused because your closet intimidates you with too many choices and not enough room? Ever have to iron everything before that important meeting because nothing was hanging crease free? Simplify your life – Take Control. Let Pamela Burns and Alexis Miller organize your closet and your life.
Pamela and Alexis are fashion professionals who can walk into your closet, analyze the problems and solve them for you. How does this happen?

  • You fill out an informational form that helps her access your personal taste; your lifestyle needs; your body type; and your favorite colors, materials, and stores; and, very importantly, your budget.
  • Pamela and Alexis will evaluate your current wardrobe for style, comfort, and “wearability.”
  • Pamela and Alexis will separate the clothes that no longer fit you, are worn out or are out of style. Once you have chosen a charity, we will see that your charity is sent the clothes.
  • Then, we will organize those remaining clothes into outfits that will create your own personal wardrobe. This wardrobe will be arranged according the seasons, time of day, and even color if you so choose. As a personal shopper, we can also suggest new pieces that may be missing, which will round out and complete your wardrobe.

All of this is accomplished quickly and efficiently. Pamela and Alexis take great care to make sure you are pleased with the finished closet. Within hours, your life will be organized and all you will need to do is figure out how to use that extra time in the morning and how to handle all those compliments on your wardrobe.