Pamshops4you is a fashion-forward, personal shopping company. Whether it is at your home, office or favorite store, we provide an easy and convenient shopping experience. Pamshops4you also brings top fashion lines into your home with online shopping services that guarantee a personal touch at the best prices with full satisfaction. We will tailor your image and complete your clothing and life-style needs. Pamshops4you has the expertise and knowledge to update your image while staying within your own unique personal taste. You will have confidence in each and every purchase knowing a stylist has guided your choices. The Pamshops4you experience is modern, effective and innovative.

Pamshops4you will assist you in finding a wardrobe that best fits your own unique personal style by providing the following services.

WARDROBE CONSULTATION: A one hour consultation assisting you with beginning, building and broadening your wardrobe to fit your needs, budget requirements and professional status.

PERSONAL SHOPPING: We will help both men and women dress for any occasion from basic everyday clothes, to business attire, to party dressing and wedding planning.

CLOSET ORGANIZATION: We will evaluate your current wardrobes for style, comfort and “wearability” by eliminating unwanted clothing and organizing your remaining wardrobe into outfits.

HEAD TO TOE SERVICES: To complete your look, we will provide you with advice from the top local hair stylists and make-up artists and accompany you to any and all appointments.

CORPORATE SEMINARS: We offer seminars to corporations who are seeking to educate and motivate their employees to project a professional image that is consistent with the corporation’s objectives.

GIFT BUYING SERVICES: We can assist you with the purchase of individual and corporate gifts.

PACKING: We will help you pack your suitcases efficiently and stylishly for business and personal travel.

ONLINE PERSONAL SHOPPING: By using the Internet, we are able to search for and select clothing and accessories to meet your specifications, needs, personal style and budget. Let us shop for you without having to leave the comfort of your own home!